Transform any text into interactive, scorable quizzes in seconds with Fillout's AI-powered form and survey generator, complete with customization and styling options.

What is Fillout AI Generated Forms and Surveys?

Fillout is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that streamlines the creation of interactive forms, surveys, and quizzes. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, you can convert any text into a fully functional, scorable quiz in just seconds. Say goodbye to the tedious manual process of crafting questions and answers – Fillout's AI generator does the heavy lifting for you.

Fillout AI GeneratorDetails
PricingFreemium with paid plans for advanced features
Best ForEducators, researchers, marketers, businesses
AvailabilityWeb-based platform, API integration

Pros and Cons


  • Instant quiz generation from text
  • Customizable styling and branding
  • Scoring and analytics capabilities
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited free plan
  • Potential for inaccuracies
  • Reliance on quality source material

Key Features

  • AI-powered form and survey generation from any text input
  • Customizable question types: multiple-choice, true/false, short answer
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for question reordering
  • Branding and styling options for a professional look
  • Scoring and analytics for performance tracking
  • Seamless integration with popular data collection platforms

Fillout empowers users across various industries to create engaging and insightful forms, surveys, and quizzes without the hassle of manual question creation. Its AI generator analyzes the provided text, identifies key concepts, and generates relevant questions, saving valuable time and effort.

Pricing and Availability

Fillout offers a freemium pricing model, allowing users to access basic features at no cost. Paid plans unlock advanced capabilities, such as unlimited form generation, team collaboration tools, and priority support. The platform is available as a web-based application and offers API integration, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflows.


Published at:June 13, 2024 (1mo ago)
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