Gita GPT

Gita GPT is an Bhagavad Gita Inspired AI Chatbot

January 6, 2024 (4mo ago)

GitaGPT is a language model created using OpenAI’s API that has been trained on text related to the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. The purpose of GitaGPT is to provide knowledge and information about the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and to assist users in their understanding and interpretation of the text.

Gita GPT is an AI powered tool that will browse through Bhagavad Gita and help you find answers to your questions. Here’s a look at the kind of answers it generates, How to get answers on Gita GPT websites.

What is Gita GPT?

The app then searches the bhagavad gita and the relevant verses. This application is one of the many applications that are now coming to the fore after the Chat GPT Ai tools become available.

Does it help? Is it true? Check for yourself. Some questions were asked in the application and the answers that were filled are also given below.

How to get answers from Gita GPT?


Visit Site

Gita gpt is easy to use, firstly visit the official website of geeta gpt


Ask Gita GPT

On the screen, enter the question that is troubling you and click on the “Ask to Gita GPT” button.


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The answer you will get will be taken from the relevant shloka of bhagavad gita.

FAQ About Bhagavad Gita AI

What is Gita GPT?

Gita gpt is a language model built using open ai’s api specifically trained on text related to the hindu scripture bhagavad gita.

How does GitaGPT work?

Gita gpt is trained on text related to the bhagavad gita, when a user enters a question or statement related to bhagavad gita.

How to download Bhagavad Gita AI App?

You can visit gita gpt official website For any information or link related to download such application.

The model can be accessed through the official website,, which was created by Vikas Sahu.

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