Gooey AI, a revolutionary no-code UI builder that empowers users to create stunning and interactive applications effortlessly, without writing a single line of code.


What is is a cutting-edge no-code platform that revolutionizes the way applications are built and designed. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful features, empowers users to create stunning and interactive applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge or experience.


  • Effortless app creation: drag-and-drop interface makes app building accessible to everyone, regardless of coding expertise.
  • Time and cost savings: By eliminating the need for traditional coding, accelerates the development process and reduces associated costs.
  • Customizable designs: offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to create unique and visually appealing applications.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Applications built with can be deployed across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.
  • Collaboration and scalability: facilitates collaboration among team members and supports scalability as projects grow.


  • Learning curve: While is designed to be user-friendly, there may be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with no-code platforms.
  • Limited flexibility: Compared to traditional coding, no-code platforms like may have limitations in terms of advanced functionality or customization.
  • Dependency on the platform: Applications built with are dependent on the platform, which could pose challenges if the platform undergoes major changes or discontinuation.

Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Interface:'s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily add, arrange, and customize UI components with a few clicks.

Component Library: Access a rich library of pre-built components, including buttons, forms, charts, and more, to quickly assemble your application.

Data Integration: Seamlessly connect your application to various data sources, such as databases, APIs, and cloud services, enabling real-time data synchronization.

Responsive Design: Create applications that adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms.

Collaboration Tools: facilitates team collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, streamlining the development process.

Preview and Testing: Preview your application in real-time and conduct thorough testing before deployment, ensuring a polished and functional product.

Pricing offers several pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

Free Plan: Get started with for free and access basic features to build and deploy simple applications.

Starter Plan: $9/month, ideal for individuals and small teams, with access to advanced features and increased usage limits.

Professional Plan: $49/month, designed for larger teams and businesses, offering unlimited resources and priority support.

Enterprise Plan: Customized pricing based on specific requirements, including dedicated support and advanced security features.


Published at:May 29, 2024 (1mo ago)

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