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Did you know that the concept of a “Traitor” is not limited to a single word in Hindi? The Hindi language offers a rich tapestry of words to describe someone who is disloyal, unfaithful, or betrays trust.

गद्दार (Gaddaar) – Here Is the Most Common Word for “Traitor” in Hindi. It Refers to Someone Who Is Disloyal or Betrays Their Country, Group, or Person.

  • विश्वासघाती (Vishwashghati) – This Also Means “traitor” – Someone Who Betrays Trust or Breaches Faith.
  • कानटक (Kantak) – This Refers to A Treacherous or Deceitful Person. It Implies Someone Who Cannot Be Trusted.
  • देशद्रोही (Deshdrohi) – This Means a Traitor to One’s Country. It Refers to Someone Who Engages in Treason or Betrayal of Their Nation.
  • बेईमान (Beiman) – This Means a Dishonest or Unfaithful Person. It Can Be Used for Someone Who Betrays Others.

So in Summary, the Most Common Hindi Words for “Traitor” Are “Gaddaar“, “Vishwashghati“, and “Deshdrohi“.

These Words Refer to Disloyalty, Treachery, and Treason. the Essence Is Betraying Trust and Being Unfaithful or Disloyal.



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